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Kathy’s Legacy

When Kathy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016 it changed our lives for ever.  Little did I realise how it would impact on our lives, Kathy’s independence and forcing me to become a carer first, husband second.  Kath sadly passed away in March this year.  We had received some excellent support in the last couple of years of her life from a couple of local organisation, one being the local Dementia Action Alliance and I want to give something back.  Kathy had a special place that she liked to visit and I have therefore created The Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album a project which encourages people to get out and get active and improve their wellbeing by sharing a photographic memory of a place that’s special to them. for a small donation to a worthy cause.
I’m a keen amateur photographer and in recent years I provided photographs for Dogs For Good and The Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance for their fantastic DOG DAYS initiative where they both regularly attended.

​In late 2020 I embarked on a project with dementia support group mindSCAPE.   mindSCAPE is a project run by Cinderford based ARTspace, and is a supportive and creative Group that helps people living with dementia and their partners to connect to nature through art, which Kathy and I had been attending monthly sessions for almost two years. mindSCAPE work closely with The Forest of Dean Dementia Alliance.

Myself and Kathy who live in the Forest of Dean would often go for walks to local beauty spots including Kathy’s favourite place, Mallards Pike Lake. It’s a place that’s easy to walk around and Kathy enjoyed seeing people with their children and dogs and it helped keep us active and happy.

I suggested to the mindSCAPE team that it might be a nice idea for me to take photographs of clients’ favourite local place, whether it be a beauty spot, their own garden, a building etc and create a photo book which could be given to them. This evolved into me arranging to meet those that could at their location so that they would be in the photograph and I also suggested that if they wished they could add a caption stating why the place was special to them.

The idea was embraced by the mindSCAPE team who helped coordinate and also funded the project, and subsequently seventeen people and their loved ones received a lovely photo book as a Christmas Gift. The project was well received by all involved.

As well as mindSCAPE,  I had a contact within the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance and as result I wondered whether the concept would work on a bigger scale to raise much needed funds for the DAA, he put this idea to them.  It was important to me that the campaign had the backing and support of a recognised organisation and that all monies raised (less any admin fees), went directly to them. In December, following a number of discussions with all parties concerned, the Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album© project was borne and was launched as a pilot across The Forest of Dean in March 2021. Should this prove successful, I plan is to go nationwide and build a truly Big Photo Album©.

Please support this worthwhile cause, upload a photo of one of your favourite places and help keep Kathy’s legacy alive.

Thank you

Steve Gaskin

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