I’m in the Big Photo Album, are you?

Help build the Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album© and support ​The Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance

Our Favourite Places
Big Photo Album©

There are 100’s of people living with dementia in the Forest of Dean. Wouldn’t it be good if we could use the power of this group to help raise awareness and funds for a local organisation which provides important and valuable support in our community?

Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album© is a project supported by the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance and was created with the following objectives. For further information on the services provided by the ​Forest Of Dean Dementia Action Alliance please click here.​

Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness of dementia and encourage understanding of its impact on individuals and society.
  • Raise much needed funds to help provide ongoing advice and support for people living with dementia, their families and Carers and expand their range of services and activities.
  • Encourage people living with dementia and their loved ones or Carers to ‘get out and get active’ to help improve both physical and mental health.
  • Provide a fun activity to encourage people to help elderly/vulnerable people they know or are in their community to get outside thus contributing to improving their general health and wellbeing.
  • To provide the opportunity for people living with dementia to connect with support groups and services.

Make a memory, share a memory

How will we do this?

Through this website, people living with dementia and their loved ones or anyone who wishes to support the project can share a photograph of their favourite place along with a caption which says why this place is special to them and become part of the Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album©

For just £3* ( or more if you wish), you can upload your picture along with a brief caption as to why the location is special to you, and it will be placed in the ever-growing Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album©. Just scroll down and click the “UPLOAD YOUR DETAILS” button. Friends and family can quickly find your picture by using the SEARCH PANEL and the unique ID number provided.

* This is a donation which will go directly to The Forest Of Dean Dementia Action Alliance
and will help them to continue to provide and expand the services they offer.

Follow these three easy steps to get your Favourite Place included in the Big Photo Album©

If you’re able to, visit your favourite place with your loved ones, whether it be a local beauty spot where you might choose to take a gentle stroll, your place of worship, your garden or perhaps your favourite garden centre. Take some pictures and decide whether to be in the picture, or just make a memory of your special place. Or if you prefer, provide a picture of a place you love from the past. Once you have decided on your favourite picture, upload it to the website using Step 2.

Once you have your picture, upload it using the “CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO” button here. All that we need is your first name and the name of your favourite place, for example, The Heritage Centre, Soudley, and a short caption as to why this place is special to you. You will then be asked to donate £3, or more if you wish and submit your entry*. You will receive confirmation of submission and a unique ID number; please make a note.

Once your submission has been made click the Search icon here. If you enter your name and unique ID your photo will now pop up along with your caption. If you just search by name or location, then your image will appear along with anyone else who may have entered the same details . However, if you search by a ‘word’, for example ‘lake’, ‘bench’, ‘dog’, then pictures with those words in their caption will also appear. This allows you to see favourite places that have been shared by others.

A selection of ​Our Favourite Places in the Big Photo Album©

View the Big Photo Album here

Uploading your details requires you to
make a donation of £3 to The Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance. ​

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Why Our Favourite Places Project?

This project was created by Steve Gaskin, a keen amateur photographer who has been providing photographs for the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance for some time. He embarked on a project with mindSCAPE a creative group for people with dementia and their carers, photographing people’s favourite local places. That project and the joy the photographs brought formed the starting point for Our Favourite Places Big Photo Album ©.

Please visit the About Page for the story behind the project and what we hope it will bring to those affected either directly or indirectly by dementia. We look forward to seeing the photograph of your Favourite Place and maybe with you in it, and you might be able to connect with other people who have the same or a similar Favourite Place local to you.


If you have reached this site by accident or out of interest but may not require the option of a
Favourite Place photograph, you can still support the project using the ‘DONATE’ button below.

​All contributions are very much appreciated and go directly to the Forest of Dean Dementia
Action Alliance.

Your donation will go to the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance, only a small transaction fee will be taken.
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